Jesus in Iran


“Jesus in Iran” will help you discover the connections between the Bible, Iran, and the role Chinese missionaries are playing in this region. Be prepared to be surprised, encouraged, and stirred to action and prayer for both Iran and for the Chinese.



The Bible shares many stories with us specifically from the region of ancient Iran. Among them is the well known story of Esther, which was set in ancient Iran. Deeper studies of the Bible will also lead us to appreciate that some of the major funding for rebuilding the Temple in Israel, in fact came from Iran. By studying the Bible more closely, we understand the heart of Iran better, and likewise by studying the history of Iran, we can understand the Bible better.

Iran is often the target for economic sanctions and military conflict. It is a region full of religious conflict and political turmoil. The best way of bringing change to this region of the world is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ into its very core.

Through reading “Jesus in Iran” you will become intimately familiar with the aspects that China and Iran share, but also learn how the Chinese are playing an instrumental role
in reaching the Muslim world. This book is not written with a western perspective, but with a Chinese perspective. As such, you will be encouraged and challenged to support our Chinese missionaries, as they are tasked to go where few others are able to go.

Iranian missionaries were, in fact, active players in founding the first churches in China such a long time ago. Since then, time has passed, revolutions have taken place, and the landscape is entirely different as history has played out its cards. Now we find ourselves contemplating a completely new scenario.

Now, it is time for the gospel to go in the reverse direction – from China back to Iran.


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